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5 Steps to Diagnose Electrical Issues in your Vehicle.

Your car's wiring system is very complex, but with a little knowledge , you can at least figure out what is wrong.

Dead Battery

When you car will not start and the lights are still on or dim. The battery still has enough charge to turn the lights on, but the battery doesn't have enough power to start the car, normally a jump from another vehicle will do the job.

In some cases, the batteries cells are depleted, in the case the battery will start the car, but will not be able to be charged. The only remedy is to replace the battery

Dead Battery Cables

Battery cables connect the battery to a ground, the engine block and the starter. Battery cables can become corrosive or dislodge from the battery.

If you see corrosion on the battery, please call us today to get you schedule in at 281-758-4212.

Bad Alternator

An Alternator is the device that charges the battery after the battery starts the car. The battery needs a constant charge supplied from the alternator.

A sign that the alternator is malfunctioning can be observed while driving. If the lights in the vehicle or the headlights start to dim, this is a sign that the battery is losing the charge from the battery.

Noll's Auto Repair can test your vehicles alternator by a testing device we have. We can replace it, normally the same day and get you back on the road.

Starter or Solenoid

If you get into the car and you hear a "click,click,click" noise when you try and start your car, you are looking at a bad solenoid or starter.

Depending on the car make and model, we can get the part in the same day. Please schedule a time to bring your vehicle in.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs, do just that, they send a spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture. Faulty or dirty spark plugs can cause your vehicle not run properly or at all.

We recommend if you are having slow acceleration or poor fuel economy, to get your spark plugs and spark plug wires tested by a professional!

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