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Transmission problems are very hard to determine, especially to the untrained eye. Diagnosing transmission issues can sometimes seem impossible, but Noll's Auto Repair is here to guide you through the process. Here are a few things to look out for when you think you have an issue, but when your not sure about your transmission service needs, bring it by our shop and a trained transmission specialist will diagnose your issue.


Here are some Transmission Problems:


  1. Lack of Response

  2. Whining, Clunking, and Humming

  3. Leaking/Low Fluid

  4. Grinding or Shaking

  5. Burning Smell

  6. Refuses to Go Into Gear

  7. Check Engine Light

  8. Transmission Noisy in Neutral

  9. Gears Slipping

  10. Dragging Clutch


Dragging Clutch

When you have a manual transmission, items such as a clutch disk can fail. This will cause an issue when switching gears because it will not disengage the flywheel. Sometimes you might hear a grinding noise associated with this issue. This manual transmission problem is fairly inexpensive, so bring it to the shop before it turns into a major issue.


Check Engine Light

We have all seen the check engine light come on in our cars. This is a response that something is a malfunction and needs to be addressed. This light may indicate a serious transmission in either an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Don't hesitate to bring it to the shop and get it checked out.

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